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Lagu ‘Viva Forever’ dari Spice Girls merupakan lagu yang cukup populer di blantika musik dunia di akhir dekade 90an. Spice Girls sendiri adalah girl band paling populer pertama di dunia yang menjadi trend setter saat itu. Berikut ini adalah jawaban dan pembahasan mengenai dua lagu diatas.


Viva Forever

  1. The song is generally about remembering the loved one who’s gone in his/her life. It is clearly seen in the first stanza of the song.
  2. It’s a Spanish expression for ‘see you tomorrow’, meaning that the singer isn’t ready to lose that loved one, she wants to keep him/her in her memory.
  3. The singer remembers all the things that long lost person said, stuff he/she did in the past.
  4. It could be a dream as the singer was doubtful about it. It is stated in the phrase ‘back where I belong now, was it just the dream…’
  5. The whispered words and touch of his/her skin’ are things which are described like a sand of time, all gone slowly.

‘Songs for A Dying Planet’

6. a dying planet which is in progress of deterioration.

7. In the song from the first stanza, it is stated that ‘anyone who tries to deny it wears a tie and gets paid to lie’. It implicitly means businessmen and government who only cares about profit and their own priviledge to explore or exploit nature.

8. Joe Walsh

9. He writes the song for public and people around the world to realise the bitter truth about the environment.

10. The singer feels sorry because not many of us care about our ‘dying earth

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