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In order to answer the questions, we have to read and understand the conversation first.


The text is a conversation between Siti and Jane. Both of them are debating whether bullying is bad or not. Jane has read an article about bullying and that makes her very sad. However, Siti doesn’t think the same. Siti also thinks that Jane is too serious about the bullying issue. In the end, Jane’s opinion stays the same, she thinks that bullying shouldn’t be done in any ways.

From the conversation, we can see that Siti and Jane are exchanging their opinions. It is noticeable from the phrases used by both of them.

Expression opinions

– I’m on the opinion that…

– I would like to point out that…

– I think…

Agreeing to an opinion

– I agree.

– I absolutely agree.

– I think so too.

Disagreeing to an opinion

– I don’t think so.

– I doubt that.

– I’m not so sure about that.

– That’s not true.

– I totally disagree.


1. Siti and Jane are exchanging their opinions on bullying topic.

2. They’re having a casual conversation about bullying.

3. Sample answer: I agree with Jane. I believe that bullying shouldn’t be done in any way possible even if it’s only a small teasing. I also think that bullying is everyone’s problems, so if we see someone is being bullied, we have to try to stop that.

4. Sample answer: No, I haven’t. But I imagine I would be very sad and angry if I ever witnessed bullying.

Note: If you have witnessed bullying you can say ‘yes’ and describe how you felt. But if you haven’t, you can say ‘no’ and make a sentence using grammar to explain hypothetical/imaginary situation. The pattern is: I would be + adjective + if + I ever witnessed bullying.


Expressing opinion and agreeing or disagreeing to the opinion is important. You need this ability to participate in an academic conversation or when you enter working society in the future. You can check these links out for more examples.




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