What does the door symbolize in La Puerta?

What does the door symbolize in La Puerta?

At the end of the story the door becomes the one thing that is standing between their new life and their old life of poverty. When Sinesio runs down the street with the door over his head, he is filled with hope that it will be the one thing that gives them freedom to walk towards a new life.

What is the setting of La Puerta?

This story take place in a poor neighborhood in Mexico. It is storming and raining and the houses in this neighborhood are not built to with last storms such as this one. The doors are leaky and the ceilings let water through.

What is sinesio’s job?

Each day when he arrives home on the autobus from his job in the mattress sweatshop, Sinesio’s wife, Faustina, takes a brief rest from ironing the x26quot;shirts and dresses of people who could afford the luxuryx26quot; to unlatch the door and let him in.

Why does the Speaker of Live Your Dreams use the metaphor of climbing a mountain?

The speaker uses the metaphor of climbing a mountain to give the audience a visual image of his message. Refer to both selections for answering. You must provide evidence from both selections in each of your responses.

What is the setting of the story La Puerta?

This story is about a very poor family living in the slums of Mexico. Sinesio, the man of the family,has a low paying job in a mattress factory.

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