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Berikut adalah jawaban buku bahasa Inggris ” When English Rings the Bell” kelas 8 semester 1 halaman 24

2. 2. According to Rani:

a. Yuli can make fried rice.

b. She can fry the egg.

c. She can serve fried rice beautifully with tomatoes and

3. According to Mr. Adnan:

a. Many students can speak English loudly and clearly.

4. According to Denata:

a. Fatima can sing very loudly.

5. According to Mrs. Fauzia:

a. Birds can fly because they have wings.

b. We cannot fly because we don’t have wings.

c. We can make planes.

d. We can fly very high with a plane and go to far places.

6. According to Mr. Rendy:

a. We cannot swim across the sea.

b. We can go to other islands with a boat or a ship.

7. According to Mrs. Gracia:

a. We can work together.

b. We can understand it easily if We work together.

8. According to Widi:

a. Anton can go up the stairs himself.

b. He can also go down easily, too.


Dalam soal ini kita diperintahkan untuk membuat kalimat yang mengungkapkan kemampuan seseorang (stating ability) berdasarkan bacaan sebelumnya.

Formula kalimat yang digunakan adalah

Subject + can + verb1 + object/complement.


Subject + able to + object/complement.

Pelajari lainnya :


  • Complete the sentences with can or can’t!


  • Change the sentence using “able to”.


  • Make some dialogues including same expressions of asking.

Detail Jawaban

Kelas: 8

Mapel: Bahasa Inggris

Materi: Stating request, ability and uses of ‘will’ (for saying request, promise and future plan)

Kata Kunci: bahasa Inggris, kelas 8, halaman 24, stating ability, can, able to


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