How can we swallow the food easily

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Here are the answers for the questions above.

23. B.The digestive system

24. B.The food must be digested first in the process.

25. C.The digestive system is needed if we are eating the food instantly.

26. E. constructed

27. D.You should have studied well

28. B.You will understand the program.

29. D. that I fell asleep

30. E. The weather was so cold that nobody stayed outside.


Here are the explanation for each answers above.

  • Question 23 is about finding out the main idea or theme of the text. So the best answer is option B as it tells about it.
  • The clue for this answer can be seen in paragraph 2. It is in the sentence ‘The food we eat is broken …. digestive juice which moisten the food.’ That sentence explains how to shallow the food easily.
  • Question 25 asks about the message implied in the text. So, option C is more suitable, while the other options include the relation on digestive system to health, which is not mentioned in the text.
  • The synonym of ‘made up’ is option E, which fairly has the same meaning as such word.
  • Question 27 is about criticising past mistake, which has the pattern as follows: ‘S + should have + V3’. Therefore, option D is the only one with such pattern.
  • Question 28 is about conditional type 1 with the pattern as follows: ‘If + present simple, S + will + V3’. So the best answer which suits the pattern is option B.
  • Question 29 and 30 are all about cause and effect with the pattern as follows: ‘clause 1 + so + adjective (cause) + that clause 2 (effect/impact)’. Example: The movie is so boring that everyone at the cinema falls asleep just 10 minutes after the opening scene. So the best answers for both numbers are D and E.

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