Contoh recount text tentang pengalaman di smp

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My unforgettable memories when i was in junior high school. i studied in SMP xx in jakarta. it was not far from my house. i went to school by walk. the first memory when i was in class seven, i had many best friends. they were xx,xx,xxx,xxx. we were like sisters. no secrets among us. we played, studied together. nothing was so special in class seven. i called it my adaptation time. i needed to adapt to new environment, new friends, and new teachers but that was ok so far. my second memory when i was in class 8, learned from my class seven, class 8 was more fun, i made fun of my juniors, teased them and sometimes i made them cry.i still played with my former best friends, for us BFF is forever.
my last year was serious. class 9 i studied harder than when i was in  class 7 and class 8. i focused in preparing my final exam. our playing time lesser and i only chatted and met my best friends when we had our break time. i had separate class from my best friends. the teacher spread us to different classes perhaps they knew we would chat if we had together. 

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